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DEMETER DEMETER Spectrogram Software


In the frame of Kazakhstan’s Scientific Space System creation for earthquakes precursors research the hardware and software of French satellite DEMETER was investigated. The data processing Software of DEMETER is based on package SWAN under IDL Virtual machine and realizes many features, but, there is no important tool for the spectrograms analysis - space-time visualization of power spectrum files from electromagnetic devices as ICE and IMSC. For elimination of this problem we have developed Software which is offered to use.

DeSS (DEMETER Spectrogram Software)

DeSS – it is Software for visualization, analysis and a mapping of power spectrum data from electromagnetic devices ICE and IMSC. The Software primary goal is to give the researcher friendly tool for the analysis of electromagnetic data from DEMETER Satellite for earthquake precursors and other ionosphere events research.


DeSS features

Input data

The DEMETER Science data you can find on project’s Home page The Input data for DeSS Software is a power spectrum files:

  • Power spectrum of 1 component of the electric field in the VLF range (APID 1132),
    Filename – DMT_N1_1132_<nnnnns>_<start_date>_<end_date>.DAT;
  • Power spectrum of 1 component of the electric field in the HF range (APID 1134),
    Filename – DMT_N1_1134_<nnnnns>_<start_date>_<end_date>.DAT;
  • Power spectrum of 1 component of the magnetic field in the VLF range (APID 1137),
    Filename – DMT_N1_1137_<nnnnns>_<start_date>_<end_date>.DAT.
The description of these formats can be found in the document

At a choice of one of the power spectrum files it is identify automatically in the window "Choose spectrogram type".

Choose spectrogram type

Spectrogram visualization

The Spectrogram window opens after choice confirmation.

Spectrogram window

The following operations with top main menu is possible:

  • Open file;
  • Spectrogram print preview;
  • Spectrogram print;
  • Copy Spectrogram to the clipboard;
  • Show or Hide right service menu;
  • Information about Software version and Help.

The following operations with right service menu is possible:

  • High pass filter with lower frequency limit;
  • Low pass filter with upper frequency limit;
  • Band pass filter with lower and upper frequency limit;
  • Time filter with starting time limit;
  • Time filter with ending time limit;
  • Time filter with starting and ending time limit;
  • Visualization of time dependence of signal intensity on fixed frequency (Curve on frequency);

Curve on frequency

  • Spectral density visualization for fixed frequency range;

Spectral density

  • Spectrogram visualization settings setup (Autosize, Smooth Spectrogram);
  • By the cursor movement on the spectrogram we can get information in each point: time, frequency and intensity;
  • Clicking on “Details…” bottom shows spectrum information consisting of 4 blocks;
  • By clicking on mini map we can open big map in separate window with current orbit drawing.

"Details…" option

Clicking on "Details…" bottom allows showing in a separate window full information for each point of the spectrogram according to cursor moving on the spectrogram. Each block can be hidden or displayed by pressing title of this block.

Spectrum details


By clicking on mini map we can open big map in separate window with current orbit drawing. To the right of a map is the options of map scaling. The point "1" is the largest scale of a map, and a position "6" is the smallest scale. Change of map scale also possible by mouse scroll movement. Moving on a map is carried out by mouse with the pressed left button. The map is interactive, i.e. as cursor moving on the spectrogram the geographical position of the satellite and according conjugate points is changes.

In the Map main menu are 2 options: "Parameters" and "Image".


"Parameters" option – for setup essential information on the Map.

In the "Parameters" window we can choose next information visualization:

  • Conjugate point at the satellite altitude;
  • North conjugate point at the altitude 110 km;
  • South conjugate point at the altitude 110 km.

Map parameters

Also, we can show or hide the map legend, which appears in left bottom of the map.

The option "Image" in the map main menu meant for map copying to the clipboard.

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Important information

  1. This Software designed only for DEMETER power spectrum files (APID 1132, 1134 and 1137) and it can’t be used with other data files.
  2. At orbits and conjugate points drawing the software use only DEMETER Mission data and calculates from power spectrum files APID 1132, 1134 and 1137. The Software don’t use any own calculates and serves only for visualization and data mapping.
  3. The Software designed as executable and don’t need any Virtual Machines (as, for example, SWAN) or other software environment.
  4. System requirements:
  5. The Software can be revision taking into account wishes of users and any interested persons. Any questions, proposals and remarks you can address to:

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