National Space Agency of
Kazakhstan (KazCosmos)

National Center of Space
Researches and Technologies
DEMETER DEMETER Spectrogram Software


DeSS 1.9.2 (Trial version) For try this version, please, contact us
DeSS 1.4.0 (Full version) 05.08.2010 333 Kb Download


World physical map 01.07.2010 27,2 Mb Download
Map of tectonics (*) 18.06.2010 9,5 Mb Download
Topographic map (*) 10.07.2010 7,6 Mb Download

The Software doesn’t need any installer. For use just unzip the archive in any folder.

The maps are option futures. For map use unzip the map archive in folder with program.

(*) only for version 1.9.2 and higher

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